We Who Move and Juniper & the Wolf are in their beginning stages. At the moment, all costs (travel, food, research, admittance to events, recording costs, musicians, websites, etc.) are paid for first-hand by Genevieve Andreæssen & achieved through the absolute kindness & generosity of individuals offering up their couches, homes, connections & resources. Ideally, Genevieve hopes to have many of these projects become supported by cultural research foundations and government or arts grants. However, until that point, any donations towards travel costs, donations of equipment, etc. are highly appreciated. 

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One of the best ways you can support these projects is through global connections! Do you know a musician, dancer, researcher or historian who would be a good fit for the podcast? Do you know a band specializing in traditional music or modern fusion? A venue or performance space that supports international artists & storytellers? Have a friend in a foreign country who wouldn't mind hosting a guest for a week or two? Contacts and hosts are invaluable! Any assistance you can offer with contacts, connections & resources abroad is incredibly appreciated! It's a big world out there & some these are some very big projects! 




If you wish to offer suggestions, feedback, assistance or requests, don't hesitate to reach out! Just drop a line to Genevieve in the form below. No matter how you give your support--whether through donations & connections, or simply by tuning in, reading, sharing & spreading the word--your support is what makes this all possible!

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-- Genevieve


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