A Beginning

Genevieve began as a professional actress, choreographer & teacher, with a career spanning nearly 25 years. Genevieve had discovered firsthand the incredible benefits of therapeutic & clinical massage in her early 20's. From a very young age, she had suffered a series of injuries & lived in an almost chronic state of pain. Some of it came from dance, or hours of office work, waitressing, sitting in school, but most was simply due to the structure of her own body (and a lack of knowledge of how to care for it). For more than a decade, the only treatment that consistently allowed her to move & heal again was clinical massage. Ever curious, she began to ask more & more questions in her sessions... 


A desire to heal

In 2013, almost on a whim, Genevieve decided to attend the Ashland Institute of Massage. She wasn't entirely sure why, but she hoped that (in addition to gaining a more steady means of income), it might allow her to further delve into a new understanding of the body that would assist her in dance & teaching. She was not prepared for the incredible world of knowledge, passion & self-discovery that would awaken for her within the realms of bodywork. After graduation, she was immediately offered a position at the Khlasa Pain Relief Clinic in Portland, OR where she spent her first year working in injury rehabilitation & pain relief. The work was strenuous, intense & incredibly rewarding, cementing & expanding the clinical knowledge she had acquired in school& further fueling her desire to help those in pain. She began to notice patterns, drawing conclusions about the bodies relationship to pain (physical, mental & emotional) & became obsessed with learning not only HOW we move, but WHY & what happens within us when movement is blocked..