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Oh, Sweet & Bitter Medicine (EP)

This album is set to release in early 2019 & has been made possible by the incredible support of friends, family, strangers & the constant hard work, kindness, patience & generosity of Bret Levick & all the musicians who worked on this project (Simone Caffari, Tim du Feu, Lily McCabe, Jenika Smith, Reed Bentley & Zoé Lateurrer). Stay Tuned!


‘Home’ is a demo track, recorded on an iPad in a friend’s living room in Scotland (June of 2017). Purchase this & other single tracks through Bandcamp.



Every month, Genevieve (aka Juniper & The Wolf) releases a video snippet of a folk song with information and history related to the song & traditions surrounding it…

For other ‘Songs of the Month/Week,’ click Here.

NOTE: In the near future, full videos of each song + extended information and original compositions will be available to view/listen to through Patreon. (Yay!)

Some of the best folk I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of folk. Beautiful vocals and amazing charisma, I could not recommend this enough.
— B.T.