Juniper & the Wolf

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Tidal was recorded live at The Fig Tree Bistro in Edinburgh (2018). Guitar/Vocals (Genevieve); Simone Caffari (accordion). Lyrics & music by Genevieve Andersen (Juniper & The Wolf).


Home is a demo track, recorded on an iPad in a friend’s living room in Scotland (2017).

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  Photo Credit: Dennis Conaghan

Photo Credit: Dennis Conaghan

Juniper & The Wolf (aka Genevieve Andersen) is a duo of one; a storyteller turned singer-songwriter, traveling around the world to collect, study, reproduce & reimagine folk traditions, old & new—from different eras, languages, countries & cultures. Through music, dance, story & cross-cultural collaboration with other artists, Genevieve hopes to ignite a new world renaissance of passion for tradition, humanity & the arts. 

New albums (that’s right—plural) coming soon in 2019. To pre-order or listen to other recordings and single tracks, head on over to Bandcamp.

SONG OF THE WEEK …(month?)

Until the day the albums are (finally) released, feel free to amuse yourselves by watching silly little videos…like these!

‘EDITING’ THE ALBUM (lip synching…to yourself)

TODAY (by Randy Sparks)

KATY CRUEL (Traditional)