S P R I N G   S P E C I A L S

(Valid through June 20th, 2016).


Spring is a time for awaking; a time for growing, for finding & expanding beyond our limits. Much of our daily lives keep us indoors or rushing from one place to another; one meeting or appointment to another without end: work, errands, parties, shopping, calls, e-mail, etc. steal our daily lives away if we are not careful; one day, then another-- going, going, going! But Spring is the time of year when we become incredibly aware of the world outside & it's call to us to join it! We rejoice in the strength & resilience of the living world & our own need to explore & come alive...


In the midst of our daily routine, it is easy to dismiss that we are creatures of nature. But this spring, I urge you to explore your own growth, your own resilience; your desire for something exciting & new-- and that of your body. Take time to truly breathe; take time to discover both the world around you & that within you; to bask in the sun & glow. Treat your body & your heart well. Make music; make friends; learn to laugh; start a conversation with a stranger-- or, better yet, start one with yourself. What do you yearn for? What makes you come alive? And what does your body need?

So, in honor of the season & new experiences: Any client who books their FIRST session with me will receive either $15 off their session or we will add an extra 30 minutes to your session at no extra charge. When was the last time you gifted your body (or a friend) with the care & healing it deserves? 

Much love, light & laughter to you!
~ Genevieve